False Floor

When the dustmen come round and find anything with copper in it like electricity cables and boilers they take it to scrap metal dealers. I was looking round some of these scrap yards one day and saw these copper briquettes stacked up in the darkness. It was difficult to even get a look at them because the people there were so certain I was only trying to steal stuff.

The copper is graded according to purity and value into different types and put through a baler. If not diverted temporarily by myself they would have ended up in places like Japan and Germany to be re-used in other materials. I decided to make an intervention into the gallery out of the briquettes to fill a whole space. People were able to walk across it with difficulty.

One whole section of the gallery floor has been packed with crushed copper central heating pipes car radiators and electricity wires. Leventon's past study of archaeology comes through in her fascination with de-familiarisation of everyday objects. Beyond any reading of its social implications it is a beautiful piece of abstraction. - Robert Clark, The Guardian

Each briquette: 7 x 20 x 50 cm

Recycled copper.

Commission: Leeds University Gallery, Leeds UK.