Funnel: Proposal

This proposal drawing resulted in a site related sculpture for outside Camden Arts Centre in London. It was made from Poplar branches and  around it was wound a huge rope which had formerly been used to tow the ships up river into the Pool of London. It was made to mark the occasion of Art In Exile a show on inside the gallery of work by so many artists who fled the Nazi regime and settled in the Hampstead area.

I chose to represent this metaphorically in the form of a celebratory funnel; a funnel of talent enriching the artistic activity of the recipient area which was offering refuge. The branches of the sculpture green on arrival will alter during the exhibition reflecting the change in the artists circumstances and mode of working that exile enforced.

90 x 140 cm

Ink, pencil on tracing paper.

Location: Camden Arts Centre, Arkwright Road London NW3

Commission: Commission: Camden Arts Centre London.