One of two environmental artworks for King’s Wood, Challock Kent, UK. A simple outdoor sculpture using only earth and water, Its sited on the side of a hill adjacent to one of the main rides.  The excavated earth was full of chalk and flints and was piled and tamped down to form a solid bank about 8 metres in diameter.

Now the local deer go inside it to drink and dogs to swim. The area is rich is archaeological finds including Bronze Age burial mounds at Brabourne, Wye and Broughton Aluph. A Bronze Age disc-shaped barrow was discovered in Crundale and a Medieval dewpond nearby. Whilst working on the 2 art projects I stayed in a hut in the forest.

Included in King's Wood: A Context. Edited by Liz Kent and Sandra Drew Published by Stour Valley Arts. ISBN 09535 3409 x

150 x 800 x 500 cm

Earth, water.


Location: King's Wood near Challock Kent UK

Commission: Stour Valley Arts. Challock. Kent UK.

Awards: Rouse Kent Award for Public Art