Floating Floor

A piece of participatory art commissioned by EDGE 90, (International Biennale of Innovative Visual Arts), we built this floating artwork into a small room in an old bonded warehouse in Newcastle above the River Tyne. Visitors walked unsuspectingly up a wooden ramp through an arch into a small room to discover the floor they were standing on was moving and was actually a raft floating in a roomful of water.

The floorboards we used to build the raft were recycled and had come out of a Victorian school. It seems we are all balanced precariously on manmade surfaces way above the essential things of life. The floor may be to do with the infrastructure of our society questioning our tendency to take it for an axiom. Behind the work are thoughts about flooding, impending disaster and include subterranean rivers and springs which have been buried and forgotten over the centuries.

28 x 335 x 335 cm

Water, recycled floorboards.

Commission: EDGE 90, (International Biennale of Innovative Visual Arts).